This is another poem I wrote. The poem is written in blue pen and the lines in pencil (black colour) are like reference lines. Very very proud of this piece. Give it a read:)

This is another one of my poems. I wrote it in class 7. It was published in my school’s ,magazine. I still find it to be very deep and meaningful. Give it a read.

வா கனவே காணலாம்

Here is my first Tamil poem. I wrote it in class 7. I always feel the extra writing I did, helped me perform better in my language exams at school and this motivated me to write more. I was initially hesitant to show this to people as it seemed childish, but here you go :)

Everyone in our family says that I am a younger version of my mother. I have her height, her will power, her aggressiveness, her strength and the urge to work hard and succeed.

This is a poem, my mum and I wrote for a poem writing contest. This is a topic we both believe in very strongly. I know I will cherish the memory of me and my mum discussing ideas and penning this down. I’m waiting to get the opportunity to do something like this again.

This write-up is very very special to me. I wrote this when we got a new car and gave off our old one which we had been using for almost 10 years. This is written from the perspective of the car and brings tears to my eyes every time it read it. This is a tribute to ‘GETZ-9231’ , the car I will always love the most and miss so much.

Janani Sundararaman

I am a fifteen year old girl, passionate about expressing my ideas and thoughts using a paper and a pencil.

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